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Welcome to SoundArt Recordings, the label created by the late mandolin master Butch Baldassari to house his CDs and instructional materials. We are now bringing on additional artists, the first of which we proudly announce is the multi-talented Lorenzo Piccone!


Lorenzo's first American-made CD, Wanderings, features great musicians and instruments that aficionados will easily recognize. Here's a YouTube link to the single we are releasing from his first American-made album.

In his new CD, Lorenzo writes:

I grew up listening to my father's records. He had a huge collection of American folk and blues music, soul and jazz.

From my bedroom, I would listen to a Norman Blake song followed by a piece from La Traviata or Marvin Gaye, then Ry Cooder or instrumental Hawaiian music.  I love my part in mixing these traditions!


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Lorenzo can also be heard on many of the popular music streaming and purchasing sites like CDBaby, Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon Music.

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Butch BaldassariButch Baldassari, the late mandolin master, created new interest in this age-old instrument. His recordings and teaching materials continue luring legions of admirers, old and new, to the legacy of music he created. With his mastery of a wide variety of mandolin styles, Baldassari's versatility was unmatched. He moved from bluegrass festivals to symphony halls with ease and grace, earning respect and admiration in these seemingly disparate worlds. Baldassari appeared on A Prairie Home Companion, CBS This Morning, CNN and Riders in the Sky Radio Theatre. In Butch Baldassari and the music he created, the past, present, and future of this small, yet richly powerful instrument are in the best of hands.