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Butch Baldassari's Mandolin Workshop
A Complete Guide for Learning Players

This comprehensive, user-friendly mandolin method takes you from bare-bone basics to solidly intermediate material in a single two-hour lesson. Butch Baldassari has distilled his popular teaching workshops into one jam-packed DVD, providing detailed instruction in all aspects of mandolin playing.

Butch gives you exercises to build your technique and teaches you how to master fiddle tunes, take solos, and play the famous Bill Monroe licks that make up "the language of bluegrass." He shares advice about fingering, pick control, alternate chord forms, playing scales in a variety of keys and imparts other invaluable information that will help you develop style, flair and a deep knowledge of your instrument.

Best of all, you'll learn to play twenty songs that should be in the repertoire of every mandolinist.

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You Can Play Bluegrass Mandolin
Volumes 1 & 2

Volume 1
This easy, hands-on beginner's lesson will teach you to play the mandolin in minutes. Butch Baldassari provides a solid introduction to the instrument, showing you essentials such as how to hold a mandolin, get tuned up, use the pick and play a basic scale and chords in the key of G. Before long you'll be picking out melodies to classic tunes and "chopping" the rhythm to get that familiar bluegrass sound.

Volume 2
Move into the next phase of your mandolin studies and start getting into more challenging tunes and techniques. Butch Baldassari makes it easy with his relaxed manner and clear, slowed-down musical examples. By the time you've worked your way through this DVD you'll be able to play in several keys and will have a repertoire of classic bluegrass licks, endings, songs and instrumentals

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Books & CDs

New Classics for Bluegrass Mandolin
This collection contains notation and tablature for 12 bluegrass mandolin tunes as recorded by Butch Baldassari. Intermediate to advanced in difficulty. 32 page book. CD sold separately.
Price: $12.95 (plus $3.00 shipping)


Standard notation for mandolin and guitar. From Bach and Scarlatti to Beethoven and Sor. 40 pages. CD sold separately.
Price: $12.95 (plus $3.00 shipping)

Evergreen: Mandolin Music for Christmas
By Butch Baldassari. 13 tunes from the Evergreen album in standard notation and tablature. 32 pages. CD sold separately.
Price: $5.95 (plus $3.00 shipping)

30 Fiddle Tunes for the Mandolin
Taught by Butch Baldassari. Book includes 2 CDs with slow and dance tempo versions and a rhythm track for each tune. In standard notation and tablature. 64 pages.

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Butch Baldassari's Mandolin Tunes for Practice and Repertoire
A sampling of 25 of Butch Baldassari's favorite tunes that will help you build repertoire. Dance tunes, Celtic melodies, waltzes, airs and a blues. 45 pages + 2 CD's. Intermediate to advanced in difficulty.

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Acutab Transcriptions Volume 1
25 tunes from "Old Town," "By Heart," "Lonesome Standard Time" and "Mighty Lonesome." Music and tab--no recording.

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Bill Monroe: 16 Gems Authentic Mandolin Transcriptions
by Butch Baldassari and Rob Haines. In standard notation and tablature with lyrics and chords. 48 pages.

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