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You Can Play Bluegrass Mandolin Volume 1 on DVD
Volume 1: 60 minutes
Music and Tab Enclosed

This easy, hands-on beginner's lesson will teach you to play the mandolin in minutes. Butch Baldassari provides a solid introduction to the instrument, showing you essentials such as how to hold a mandolin, get tuned up, use the pick and play a basic scale and chords in the key of G. Before long you'll be picking out melodies to classic tunes and "chopping" the rhythm to get that familiar bluegrass sound.

As you progress through this DVD, you'll learn how to work with open strings, execute double stops and play in several keys. With patience, careful explanations and close-up camera work, Butch lays a solid foundation of skills for further study.

By the time you finish this introductory course you'll be playing the rhythm parts, melody and variations to John Henry, Nine-Pound Hammer, Old Joe Clark and Sally Goodin. You'll be jamming right along with Butch, too! He plays the tune while you chop the rhythm chords, and then switches to rhythm so you can practice the melody. You can't help but learn from this outstanding instructional DVD.

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