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You Can Play Bluegrass Mandolin Volume 2 on DVD
Volume 2: 60 minutes
Music and Tab Enclosed

Move into the next phase of your mandolin studies and start getting into more challenging tunes and techniques. Butch Baldassari makes it easy with his relaxed manner and clear, slowed-down musical examples.

You'll learn how to play chord positions up and down the neck, along the sides, hammer-ons, tremolo, double stops, open string harmonies and other soloing techniques that will give your playing a real country/bluegrass flavor. In addition, Butch teaches some typical licks from Bill Monroe, the man who single-handedly brought the mandolin into prominence as a bluegrass instrument. This DVD lesson features play-along sessions in which you pick the melody while Butch "chops" the rhythm chords, then you trade parts and play backup for him.

By the time you've worked your way through this DVD you'll be able to play in several keys and will have a repertoire of classic bluegrass licks, endings, songs and instrumentals. These tunes, taught in detail, will lay the groundwork for more advanced work on the mandolin: Sally Goodin, Bury Me Beneath the Willow, Soldier's Joy and Whisky Before Breakfast.

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