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All The Rage

At the turn of the twentieth century, a sound lilted through the air of American music like nothing that had ever been heard before.  It inspired one writer to call it "the true soul of music."  It inspired thousands of Americans to pick up instruments and form groups to create this sound for themselves.

It was the sound of the mandolin orchestra, a sound that the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble recreates on All the Rage, a sound as fresh and new today as it was in its heyday.  On All the Rage, the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble taps the source, the roots, the foundation of mandolin music in America, and the sound is every bit as unique and exciting as it was when it swept the country a century ago.

Price: $12.00


Butch Baldassari, mandolin
Rob Haines, mandolin
Richard Kriehn, mandolin
Peter Hyrka, mandolin
Bruce Sweetman, mandolin
Fred Carpenter, mandolin
Steve Dudash, mandolin
Antoine Silverman, mandolin, violin
Charlie Derrington, mandola
Walter Carter, mandola
John Hedgecoth, mandocello
Gene Ford, guitar
David Spicher, bass
Paul Martin Zonn, conductor
Special guests:
Karen Ann Krieger, accordion, (track 12)
Byron House, bass (tracks 4,7,10,12)


The Boston Ideal March
Laughing Eyes
La Tipica
Dance of the Lunatics
The Flying Wedge
All the Rage
My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice
Sweet Corn
Texas Fox Trot
Silver Ripples
Fieldston March

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