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The Mandolin Tribute to Andrea Bocelli
Tuscan born Andrea Bocelli's magnificently warm and seductive voice has made him one of the world's most loved and cherished performers. THE MANDOLIN TRIBUTE TO ANDREA BOCELLI celebrates Bocelli's mesmerizing sound with the mandolin mastery of Butch Baldassari, founder of the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble. THE MANDOLIN TRIBUTE TO ANDREA BOCELLI is truly a remarkable and moving instrumental tribute to one of the greatest artists of our time.
Price: $12.00

Romance In Venice
As you glide through the moonlit canals of Venice, your Gondolier gently serenades you with an Italian romantic classic such as Santa Lucia or O Sole Mio. This instrumental collection of favorite Italian love songs will take you there through the strings of the mandolin, the chords of the accordion, and the sweeping notes of the violin. Romance yourself around the world with this elegant Italian musical tapestry.
Price: $15.00

Italian String Virtuosi
25 performances from the 1920s and 1930s by Italian American mandolinists, guitarists and banjoists. Featured performers include Giovanni Vicari, Giovanni Gioviale, Frank Fazio, Bernardi DePace and Mario De Pietro.
Price: $15.00