Sound Art Recordings
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A Day In The Country SoundArt
A Victorian Christmas SoundArt
All The Rage - Mandolin Ensemble Music from 1897 to 1924 New World Records
American Portraits SoundArt
Appalachian Mandolin and Dulcimer (with David Schnaufer) SoundArt
Bach, Beatles, Bluegrass SoundArt
Butch Baldassari's Mandolin Tunes for Practice and Repertoire Homespun
Cantabile: Duets for Mandolin and Guitar SoundArt
Country Road - An acoustic tribute to James Taylor CMH Records
Evergreen - Mandolin Music for Christmas SoundArt
Gifts Columbia
Happy Land SoundArt
Italian String Virtuosi Rounder
Leavin' Tennessee (with Van Manakis) SoundArt
Mandolin Hymns SoundArt
Music of O'Carolan (with John Mock) SoundArt
New Classics for Bluegrass Mandolin SoundArt
Old Town Rebel
Pickin' On The Allman Brothers - A Bluegrass Tribute CMH Records
Plectrasonics SoundArt
Reflections (with John Carlini) SoundArt
Silent Sound/Nightfall Spring Hill
The Mandolin Tribute to Andrea Bocelli CMH Records
The Road Home - A Tribute to Butch Baldissari) SoundArt
The Vespa Love Festival Sessions SoundArt
Travellers (with Robin Bullock and John Reischman) SoundArt
Wanderings (Lorenzo Piccone) SoundArt
What's Doin' (cassette only) Cactus
30 Fiddle Tunes for Mandolin (2 CD instructional) Mel Bay