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New Classics for Bluegrass Mandolin

Mandolinist Butch Baldassari has released his second CD of all instrumental bluegrass. New Classics focuses on original tunes destined to become part of the bluegrass repertoire. Butch has written four of the twelve tunes presented here. Other writers include Bill Crahan, Steve Hartz, Lou Martin, John Miller, Ron Pennington, Billy Rose and Ward Stout.

The finest bluegrass players recording today make these tracks shine! Special guests include: Robert Bowlin, Dennis Crouch, Glen Duncan, Richard Greene, David Grier, Aubrey Haynie, Steve Huber and Mark Schatz. As a special lead vocalist, Sonya Isaacs adds a stunning texture on It's Rainin' the Blues...For Bill Monroe, a requiem for the late master.

Butch Baldassari is well known in blue grass circles through his work with Weary Hearts, Lonesome Standard Time and Richard Green's The Grass Is Greener. He is also founder and leader of the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble. Recent titles include "Mandolin Hymns" (Soundart) and "Bach, Beatles, Bluegrass" (Pinecastle).

Price: $12.00


Consider This
Boone County Kentucky
Perseverance Blues
Old Jericho Waltz
Wagons Ho
Sleepy Gap/Tucker
King Wilkie 
Down City-Part 1
It's Rainin' The Blues...For Bill Monroe
Leaving Portland
A Place In The Heart

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