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Old Town

Butch Baldassari's second solo effort presents a strong collection of original instrumentals and traditional tunes produced with a fine sense of arrangement and taste.

It also showcases some of the best players in bluegrass/acoustic music then and today.

The 1990 CD is bluegrass history. Classic Butch Baldassari bluegrass in tracks featuring the fiddle of Alison Krauss, Sam Bush, Stuart Duncan, and Andrea Zonn; Rob Ickes on resonator guitar; banjo by Tom Adams, Alan O'Bryant, and Ron Block; guitar by Tim Stafford, Pat Enright, Stuart Duncan, Kelly Lancaster and Eric Uglum, and bass by Mike Bub, Gene Libbea, and Gordy Nichol. Grab a piece of bluegrass history!

Price: $15.00


Old Town
Boscoe's Boogie
Black Canyon
HonkyTonk Swing
Slocum Hollow
Kentucky Mandolin
Methodist Preacher
The Jackrabbit Trail
Paintin' The Barn
Maydelle's Reel
No Title Yet Blues
Waltz For Bill Monroe