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The Vespa Love Festival sessions

Jazz mandolin is not something you hear everyday, but fans and friends know that with Butch Baldassari, the extraordinary is not unexpected.


Butch's super smooth mandolin helps make the five new jazz titles on this CD seem like classics. And it's a good bet they eventually will be thanks to Butch's mando, and instrumental sweetness from Frosty Horton, David Spicher, Jim Hoke, Byron House, and Andy Peake. The CD also includes two classic rock covers and three adult contemporary cuts augmented by John Mock, Gene Ford, David Hoffner, and Dale Armstrong.

1. Mystery Night
2. She Told Me She Loves Me
3. A Face in the Clouds
4. Can't Find My Way Home
5. As Far As I Can See
6. I See You Lookin'
7. Children's Waltz
8. A Million Miles Away
9. Across the Universe
10. Frangenti

Mandolin: Butch Baldassari
Guitars: Frosty Horton, Gene Ford, John Mock
Soprano Sax: Jim Hoke
Bass: Byron House, Andy Spicher
Drums: Andy Peake
Keyboards: David Hofner
Recorder: Jim Hoke
Percussion: Dale Armstrong